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  Viva remains committed to ensuring the personal safety of all children. To achieve this objective, Viva has designed a ‘Child Protection Certificate Course’ for individuals working directly with children. This course, available in English and Hindi, provides detailed information about child protection through video and voice-over explanation, along with an engaging quiz and activities which encourage interactive learning. The course concludes with a computer-aided assessment, which applicants must complete in order to finish the course. If the applicant scores a certain percentage (or higher) in this assessment, they would be granted a certificate to showcase their completion of the overall course as well. The average time it would take for an applicant to complete the whole course is 3 hours. 

Viva shares the Child Protection Course with its partners that aim to fulfill their own CSR objectives, or look to enhance their ESG ranking. Viva’s dedication towards child protection highlights its commitment to fulfilling SDG 16 (Provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable, and inclusive institutions at all levels).

Child Protection Training

"Our understanding of abuse to children was limited to physical and sexual abuse, it was not a comprehensive understanding of child abuse. The training helped us developed an attitude towards prevention of risk to children rather than waiting for abuse to happen. We are now aware of child needs and child rights in a systematic way."


"Informative with Quality Resources. Every session was appreciative. There are no such loopholes, you all are well trained in your areas. Which I like the most and next time apart from Child Rights We can also do some seminar on Women's Rights which would be beneficial for us in the contemporary standard way of living.

Thank you for your initiative."


"It is a great initiative work to train many like us and assure that the team will help in the hour of need. I hope there will be more online training in the future like this which will help us and our society to be aware of what we are taught and help the needy. Thank you, trainers, keep all the good works since through your hard work many societies and families are been blessed and can relay that our children are safe. It was hard work since it was a big lesson but you guys took time to complete this in a small package. Excellent work."


"I can see there is a difference in monitoring visitors in the school and the bus transport arrangement is better after the child protection program started."


"Good in-depth knowledge of safeguarding a child was shared. Clarity regarding child rights and responsibilities."

Sunday School Incharge

"Our staff learnt much and is thankful to you for making the workshop interactive. We would also like to thank you for the pre and post workshop support, looking at our Child Protection Policy and giving advice. It was a thorough job and I want to thank the Viva team for this."


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