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Viva is an international children’s charity passionate about releasing children from poverty and abuse. We grow locally-led networks who are committed to working together so that children are safe, well and able to fulfill their God-given potential.

Who we are

The Viva India Trust is an affiliate of Viva international. The Viva India Trust was registered in 2008 and is operating in the cities of Delhi, Dehradun, Patna, Ranchi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Shillong.

The Viva India office is located at New Delhi. The Viva consultants, program managers, network coordinators and the network members manage the girl child mentoring program, child protection trainings and quality improvement systems for children in their cities.

What we do

We work to change attitudes on the value and rights of girls so that girls are as equally valued as boys by implementing programmes to increase public awareness across the cities through seminars, campaigns and media, as well as mentoring programmes that focus on life skills education for individual girls. These mentoring programmes are imperative because they equip the girls with the resources needed to overcome difficult life situations, which in turn will help them make better life decisions.


Unlocking the potential of girls

Our three objectives to keeping children safe:


1.Preventing: Stopping violence before it occurs. Changing attitudes and norms that encourage violence through the Children’s Good Treatment Campaign


2.Equipping: Training teachers people working with children in alternative discipline approaches and child protection. Helping schools and NGOs to write their child safeguarding policy


3.Networking: Connecting child in need of care and protection to government child care services and to an institution working on child care.


We keep children safe

We help children to catch up on their schooling and equip them for the future. We educate marginalised children, train teachers and engage community mentors to develop parenting skills. The aim is to reintegrate children back into mainstream school.


Transforming children through education

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