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If you have an idea for a creative contribution, please let us know. We’re always happy to hear new and innovative ideas. 


If you want to intern for a few months on a child safety and child development assignment, please fill in the Internship Application Form attached and email it to us at


You can play an active part to mentor a child and make a lasting impact in the life of a child through the Volunteer Engagement Program. For the program to work effectively, one volunteer will mentor four children over a period of 3 to 4 months. Through your effort a teenager will grow in self-esteem, develop a positive outlook, and make right choices in life.

CSR Volunteer Engagement Program

If you are a school student and as part of your school Social Empowerment through Work Education (SEWA) Program, and you are willing to help a child in need. Viva will help you do 8 sessions of tutoring and mentoring for a child living in difficult circumstances. To enroll as a volunteer ask your parent or the appropriate school teacher to enquire from us at about the Viva’s Student Volunteer Program.


All donations are eligible for a tax exemption.
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