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The Quality Improvement Systems (QIS) for NGOs

Most NGOs struggle because they focus on solving the problem of the community and do not focus on establishing their organization on sound management principles. Enthusiasm alone is not enough to sustain the organisation in the long run. You need management skills to resource and sustain your organisation. The QIS is a systematic process for NGOs to establish their management systems and policies and meet statutory compliance's. The QIS developes and equips the management to build strategies for their long-term sustainability.

NGO Management Program

How it works

Based on a system of training, mentoring and verification, it takes minimum of 12 months for one NGO to complete the QIS cycle. Successful completion of QIS enables the organization to reach internationally, recognized standards in the following 6 areas of central importance for their organisation:

Governance and Leadership
Financial Accountability


People Care (Human Resource)

Project Planning and Design
Child Protection
Child Wellbeing (Child Rights)

The activities of Viva QIS program includes

The QIS participant signs a commitment form, pledging to select appropriate staff members to attend the workshops and participate in mentoring over the period of one year.

Commitment (Month 1)


Following training, organizations draw up their action plans for improvement. This journey towards improvement is supported by expert mentors from Viva.

Mentoring of organizations to implement improvements in 6 QIS areas (Month 9 to 11)


Participants attend 6 training workshops and identify key areas where the organisation needs to improve and develop improvement action plan.

Training of 6 QIS units (month 2 to 8)


NGOs are assessed in the 6 QIS areas and verified by Viva evaluator to receive a quality stamp, called the Viva Quality Mark.

Verification of improvement
(Month 12)


  • The Organisation will comply to the National Laws applicable for NGOs

  • The Organisation will have improved Management Systems and Policies

  • The Organisation will have a growth plan

  • The Organisation management and staff will be trained on NGO management units

  • The Organisation will be able to demonstrate professionalism to donors

Expected Result

One year commitment by the NGO management for participation in QIS assessment, QIS unit trainings, mentoring for improvements and verification of improvements.


  • Their Organisation QIS assessment report

  • Recommendations on areas of organisation improvement

  • A QIS Certificate from Viva Oxford in the UK

The NGO will receive

Among the trainees in India and abroad, I found QIS group very participative and eager to learn about organizational governance and leadership. I am happy to do QIS training whenever needed.

Sanjay Patra, Director FMSF 

I will be available to help NGOs on their organization development journey and also for keeping children safe in the city of Dehradun. These two issues are now close to my heart and they are much needed.

Ameeta Bahadur, QIS Facilitator

This is the first time, that we are actually enjoying sitting down and learning. The trainings have been so interactive, fruitful and a great learning experience. For the first time somebody actually came to our house, sat down with us by our side and showed us step by step that maybe the way we are doing things is correct but there is a better way to do it. Both my wife and I have enjoyed learning so much through QIS and we want to thank Viva for introducing this program to us and helping us to make an improvement in our work.

Nicanor Tamang, Director, ACTS Dehradun

We have made several policies and very specified job description with the help of QIS trainings that has made the working environment more professional. Moreover, learning about various regulations of Government, details of FCRA, all these information made us well equipped with all the required necessary tools to run an NGO under the law, making it more outcome oriented.

Finally, having the entire resource material in personal hard copy and soft copy with the contact details of specific resource people, for further reference was the icing on the cake. The entire QIS program has been a blessing for SNEHA and personally for me as well. Thank you!

Dr. Susanna Sircar, Principal, Doon SNEHA Academy

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