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Our Team


Gary Kamaal

Gary Kamaal has experience of working in the profit sector and the non-profit. He worked at Asha Society prior to joining Viva India.

Viva Consultant, Dehradun 

Ameeta Bahadur

Ameeta has several years of experience working with non-profit organisations, both national and international, in the area of community development, education, livelihood, disability and disaster. She is also a certified trainer in Child Protection and Leadership Management skills.

Network Coordinator, Delhi  

Manoj Masih

Manoj Masih has experience in marketing and administration before joining Viva India.

Network Coordinator, Hyderabad 

Vincent Kumar Dasari

Vincent has experience in the Income generation projects for the social organisations and coordinating events.

Network Coordinator,  Ranchi 

Premchand Hembrom

Premchand has experience of mobilising organisations and communities on social work prior to joining Viva India.

Network Coordinator, Patna

Mukund Singh

Mukund has over a decade year of experience in health education and adolescent health training.

Network Coordinator, Bangalore

Santa Sylvia

Santa has been working with Viva since 2012. She holds a masters Degree in Sociology and is pursuing PHD in Sociology (Child Protection).

Network Coordinator, Shillong

Wanskhemlan Marbaniang

Wanskhemlan has a Master's degree in Theology. For the past 7 years he has been actively engaged in mentoring and teaching children. 

IT and Communications

Michelle S

Over seven years experience in the IT Management/Training and Marketing sector.

Edtech Specialist

Meenakshi Bora

Meenakshi has 24 years of experience in education. She strongly believes that inquiry and play based learning is essential to develop the whole child so that every student can reach her or his optimum potential.

Communication and Media Cooridnator

Rowena Claudius

Rowena's unique blend of expertise in education, digital marketing, and knowledge in travel, enhances the depth and creativity she brings to her professional endeavors.

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