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Viva India is passionate to see children everywhere safe from abuse, learn and flourish in life

Online lesson plans and worksheets to support primary school teachers. 


Teaching Support

Protecting children from violence and abuse


Child Protection Course

Empowering girls to face life challenges with confidence.


Counselling Teens

NGO Management and Sustainability Training


NGO Management

Viva India is an organisation that I trust. I donate as it is the least I can do to support the epoch-making and visionary work being carried out by Viva India. Many have been touched by their kindness and selfless work.

Samir Choudhary (Donor)

The information that was provided was very detailed and was explained to us in a simple manner. The trainer was very polite and kind towards all the trainees. The Online Child Protection Training was amazing, informative, and packed with a lot of knowledge. It helped us to learn and enlighten more on child protection.

Seraphina Peter (Beneficiary)

The CERP team mentors have assisted my family and me with all our needs while we were down with COVID-19. They arranged for a hospital bed and medicines. They also provided monthly dry ration while taking care of our financial needs. They have done more for us than our own family.

Rajkishor Kumar
(CERP Beneficiary)

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